Hi, I’m Karlie a.k.a. Miss Wanderlust! An only child born and raised in the somewhat isolated city of Edmonton, Canada, I had a lot of time to use my imagination, often escaping to New York City, Egypt and Ancient Rome in my daydreams. I’ve always been the creative kind, expressing myself through painting, drawing and writing and attending Edmonton’s creative arts school.

I often went on road trips with my dad as a kid, within our home province of Alberta and to neighbouring British Columbia. This planted the seed for the love affair I have with Alberta that continues to this day. Despite all of this, I didn’t set foot on an airplane until I was 22 years old, across the country to Montreal and Quebec City. I was terrified of flying back then, and am still a nervous flier. Walking down the narrow, cobblestone streets of Quebec City conjured images of the Old Country, and my wanderlust grew. The next year, I was back on an airplane for the first of many travels to Europe.


My desire to travel became intense. I was always planning two or three trips at a time, one barely over before the next one began. On my 25th birthday, shortly after traveling to my 10th country, Cuba, I set a personal goal to travel to 30 countries before I turned 30. My life became consumed with achieving that goal and I accomplished it in September 2014 with eight months to spare. Somewhere along the line, family and friends started to encourage me to combine my passions and start writing about my travels, and Miss Wanderlust was born.

Even though I have achieved my goal, my desire to see every corner of the globe still burns hot inside me, and I am still always planning a trip, whether to the other side of the world, or a road trip in my beloved Alberta.

Countries visited: Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, United States, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Cuba, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Lucia, Martinique, China, Grenada, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, San Marino, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Malta, Morocco, England, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia

I am available for media interviews, press trips, and blog posts, whether for my site or yours! Please email me at misswanderlustblog(at)gmail(dot)come for more information and my rates.

Visiting 30 countries by the time I turn 30!