Journey to Mývatn – A Photo Diary

Somewhere along the way…. East Iceland. We were driving from Höfn to the Mývatn area, turned a corner, and were blindsided by this gorgeous view.
Horses and sheep are abundant in Iceland, but seeing reindeer is a bit more rare. We were so lucky to come across this group of 13 reindeer right alongside Route One in East Iceland!
Stunning group of reindeer in East Iceland.
What planet are we on? Mud pots at the Hverir geothermal site, Lake Mývatn area.

Another otherworldly landscape view at the Hverir geothermal site.
Steam rising from the Earth. Hverir geothermal site.
Hverir geothermal site.


Don’t ever assume when you’re in another country! I figured ‘banani’ was short for banana peppers. Instead I ended up with a pepperoni and banana pizza!


I had a great time relaxing at the Mývatn Nature Baths, the North’s smaller version of the famous Blue Lagoon.
A beautiful evening for a soak.
Kirkjan (the Church), lava tube formation at Dimmuborgir.
A pseudocrater rising out of Lake Mývatn.

5 thoughts on “Journey to Mývatn – A Photo Diary”

  1. So many of your photos definitely look like you’re on another planet. The reindeer with the contrasting mauve flowers are beautiful! My favorite however is the gorgeous view of East Iceland, so many colors and textures! Bananas with pepperoni sounds awful….

  2. I love that you went to the Myvatn Nature Baths! That was one of my favourite spots and was deserted when we were there. Such an amazing country.

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